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Wireless Home Security System - LCD Burglar / Fire Alarm - House Phone Auto-Dialer

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Wireless Home Security System - LCD Burglar / Fire Alarm - House Phone Auto-Dialer
Say goodbye to expensive technicians and hard-to-follow instructions! Introducing our "Do-It-Yourself" home and office security system. In only minutes our security system is installed and ready to use! If your alarm sounds while you are away, the alarm will automatically call your cell phone, pager, or programmed phone number indicating the break-in.

[ 1 ] Keypad       [ 10 ] Door/Win Sensors     [ 6 ] Window Decals
[ 4 ] Remotes     [ 5 ] Motion Detectors
Item # STS-451M1
Ebay/Amazon Price: $339.99
Website Price: $319.99
Professional Monitoring
Insurance Certificate

This security system supports 16 wired zones, 24 wireless zones, 8 keychain remotes or wireless keypads, and up to 8 wired keypads.

This kit includes 1 alarm panel(control unit in a metal case), 1 wired keypad, 4 keychain remotes, 10 wireless door/window sensors, 5 wireless motion detectors, 1 wired indoor siren, and 6 window decals.

 All Components are Digital
 2-Way Communication w/ Sensors
 Long Range Sensors (240 to 450 feet)
 Rechargeable Backup Battery (30 to 48 hours)

 16 wired zones.
 24 wireless zones. (Supports Expansion Module for 48 wireless zones.)
 Partition zones into 4 areas
 Each Zone Programmable for Delay or Instant Alarm
 Seven Programmable Zone Types
 Supports 8 wired keypads.
 Supports 8 key chain remotes /or wireless 1-way communicating keypads.

 2-Line LCD Display
 4 LED Indicator Lights
 Displays Faulted Zones
 Assign Keypad to all or specific Areas
 Low Battery Indications on Keypad

 Partition Zones into 1 to 4 Areas
 Supports Separate Area Arming/Disarming
  Home Arming
  Away Arming
  Home Area Arming
  Away Area Arming
  Separate or All Area Disarming

 Burglar Alarm Siren Tone
 Fire Alarm Siren Tone
 Programmable Siren Durations
 Advanced Settings for Audible and Silent Alarms

 Ready-To-Arm Feature
  -Override Option to force arming.
 Door Chime Feature
 Programmable Entry Delay
 Programmable Exit Delay
 Delay Tones (On/Off Option)

 Voice Dialer (Self Monitoring)
 Contact ID (Professional Monitoring)
 Auto-Dialer can dial 6 phone numbers, with 2 redials when alarm occurs.
  Supports calling different phone numbers for each area or type
   of alarm
 Dial-In access to alarm - Remote User Access by Phone
  Arm Alarm
  Disarm Alarm
  List Alarm Events
  Listen Mode
 Dial-Out access to alarm - Remote User Access by Phone
  Reset/Arm Alarm
  Disarm Alarm
  List Alarm Events
  Listen Mode
 Voice Prompts for Remote User Access by Phone
 Remote Programming/Installer Access by Phone

 Supports 1 Installer Code
 Supports 1 Master Code
 Supports 8 User Codes
  User Codes can be assigned to arm/disarm specific areas or all areas.
 Phone-Line Anti-Cut Feature
 Automatic System Check w/ Automatic Reboot (Ensures system never fails)
 Alarm Event History Log

CONTACT ID (Professional Monitoring Options)
 Arm/Disarm Reporting
 Daily Signal Test Reporting
 Restore Zone Reporting
 AC Failure Delay Reporting
 Battery Check Option

 Auto-Arm Time
 Auto-Disarm Time
 Bell Opposing
 Sensor Inspect
 A.Monitor Loop
 Battery Check
 Walk Test
 Communication Test
 Reset to Factory Default
 Extra Long Power Cord (8 Feet)

Additional information will be posted once it becomes available. If you have inquiries about this product, please contact meyers@alarmsellout.com for additional information.

You may view a rough draft of the 451 manual at the the link below:

451 Manual


You may view a wiring diagram of the 451 alarm system at the link below:
451 Wiring Diagram

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