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Wireless Door/Window Sensor (For STS-4xx Series Alarms)

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Wireless Door/Window Sensor (For STS-4xx Series Alarms)
This door/window sensor is commonly used to protect the opening of both doors and windows. If a burglar opens a protected door or window, the sensor will trigger the alarm.
Item # STS4-DORN
Ebay/Amazon Price: $11.99
Website Price: $11.49

The sensor is mounted on either the door or window and the magnet on the frame (or which ever way works best). Both parts can be placed up to 1/2 inch apart from each other (or until the light on the sensor doesn't flash). They can be mounted using the included mounting hardware or double-sided sticky foam pads.

The sensor will send a notifications to the alarm when the battery needs to be replaced. A tamper switch inside the sensor will trigger the alarm if someone tries to open it. A jumper setting inside the sensor let's you select which side of the sensor the magnet will be recognized on.

Door Chime Feature
When the system is disarmed, opening a door or window will cause the alarm panel to sound a door chime to let you know it's been opened. Great for front and back doors when you want to know where the children are.

Ready-to-Arm Feature
This sensor supports having the alarm system tell you, when you are arming the system, if you have left a door or window open. You will get a notification on the screen of unclosed doors and windows as well as a voice notification from the panel.
Transmitter Mode
The sensor can become a wireless transmitter for a wired contact by changing the jumper setting inside the sensor. This supports normally open (NO) wired contacts.

-- Sensor Specifications --
Battery: 3v CR123 or CR123A
Battery Life: 2-3 Years
Antenna Range: ~492ft (150meters)
Frequency: 433mh
Encryption: 36 Data-Digit
Current: ~5uA(standby), ~15mA(when triggered)
Recommended Working Temperature: 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C)

-- Sensor Dimensions --
Sensor: 3.19 x 1.26 x 0.98 inches (8.10 x 3.20 x 2.49 cm)
Magnet: 2.93 x 0.53 x 0.74 inches (7.44 x 1.35 x 1.88 cm)

-- Compatibility --
This item is only compatible with the follow alarm models: STS-4xx Series
STS-407, STS-408, STS-410, STS-411, STS-412, STS-415, STS-420, STS-421, STS-450, STS-451, STS-452
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