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Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector w/ Power Adapter & Battery (For STS-4xx Alarms)

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Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector w/ Power Adapter & Battery (For STS-4xx Alarms)
This detector is perfect for the outdoors as it is waterproof and weather resistant. It will pick up movement within 40-50 ft. Pet immune up to 38 lbs.

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This wireless outdoor motion detector is used to detect unauthorized movement in a particular area outside of your home or office. Equipped with both Pet Immune and Smart Technology, this detector prevents false alarms by detecting both heat and movement while completely ignoring pets or small animals under 38lbs. Includes rechargeable battery and mounting bracket.
The motion detector lens produces a 3-dimensional thermal image of the protected area that it is protecting. Combined with the four-element microwave scanning, this allows for high sensitivity and reduces the chance of false alarms.
Detects movement within 20-25 ft of the detector in a 90 degree angle.
Pet Friendly:
Your pets under 38 lbs will not trigger the alarm. The detector is programmed to know the difference between pets and humans based on body heat and movement.
A mounting bracket with multiple swivel joints attaches to the back of the detector. This allows you to angle the detector in pretty much any direction you want. It is screwed into the wall with the included hardware.
Home/Away Arming Modes:
In your alarm system's "away" mode setting, the detector will be triggered by movement in the rooms that you want covered. In the "home/stay" mode, it will pick up movement but will not signal the alarm system allowing you to roam the residence freely.

-- Sensor Specifications --
Power Adapter: 12v DC Output; 110v-240v 50Hz/60Hz AC Input
Backup Battery:
Antenna Range: 250 ft. – 450 ft.
Frequency: 433mhz
Encryption: 36 Data-Digit
Current: 15uA
Detection Range: 12m
Max Coverage: 12 x 12m/90°
Best Working Temperature: 14°F – 122°F

-- Sensor Dimensions --
No Listed

-- Compatibility --
This item is only compatible with the follow alarm models: STS-4xx Series
STS-407, STS-408, STS-410, STS-411, STS-412, STS-420, STS-421, STS-450, STS-451, STS-452
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