2G GSM Cellular Dialer for Self or Professional Monitoring Alarm System Fixed Terminal

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Compatibility: Regular phone line devices

  • Turns a landline alarm or phone into a cellular device
  • Supports T-Mobile & Providers Using T-Mobile Towers
  • Supports Contact ID & Voice Calls
  • Automatic Failure Reset
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    Item Overview

    This GSM Dialer is compatible with most security systems. Simply purchase a GSM SIM card from an authorized cellular service provider, insert it into the dialer, and connect a standard phone line from your alarm system into the GSM Dialer.

    This GSM Dialer works just like a landline telephone, but it creates a standard phone line using a cellular connection. This device is perfect for those who don't have a telephone landline. This GSM Dialer is also great for added security since it makes it impossible for a burglar to cut the phone line outside of your business or residence.


    If your alarm system has the capability to call you directly over a standard landline, then your alarm will work with this GSM Dialer. Simply remove the standard telephone line from your existing landline or VOIP phone port and plug it into the phone port on the GSM Dialer.

    Your alarm system must have the capability of programming phone number(s) and recording a message directly into it. You cannot program phone numbers or record a message directly into the GSM Dialer. The GSM Dialer simply acts as a phone line for the alarm to call out on.

    Professional Monitoring:

    This GSM Dialer is intended for VOICE DIALING, but will also work with Ademco Contact ID, data tones, that are compatible with professional monitoring.

    Disclaimer: If used with Professional Monitoring Disclaimer: Just like all digital VOIP phone lines, cellular service may also cause Contact ID (used with professional monitoring) to fail, not reporting the alarm condition. Most alarms are programmed to retry in the event of a failure. However, the re-attempt(s) may also fail, causing no signals to be transmitted and no response to be taken from the central monitoring station. By purchasing this unit, you agree and understand the risks involved with using this cellular dialer with Contact ID, or any form of professional monitoring.


    LED Display:
    This GSM Dialer has very easy-to-read LED lights. The cellular signal strength is shown by 4 led lights. (1 light means low signal; 4 lights mean highest signal.) It also has led indicators to let you know when the device is powered on, when the device is dialing, and when the phone call has been established. It also has a module and SIM led light.

    Automatic Reset: New!
    To help prevent interruption of service, this GSM Dialer is equipped with an automatic reset feature. This feature automatically resets the dialer if it looses cellular service, can't find a signal, or fails.

    How Does it Work?

    1. Purchase a regular SIM card from any provider (make sure the provider has a signal in your area!)

    2. Connect a standard phone line to the telephone line port on the back of the GSM Dialer.

    3. Plug the antenna into the jack on the back of the GSM Dialer.

    4. Insert a SIM card (sold separately) into the slot on the back of the GSM Dialer.

    5. Plug in the power supply

    6. Program your alarm (not this GSM Dialer) to call the phone numbers you would like it to call.


    • Great for protecting garages, sheds, workshops and other places without a landline

    • All you need is a SIM card. No need to sign your life away on a supplier contract

    • Convenient and simple to use

    • No tricky installation - just plug it in!

    • Works with most burglar alarms

    Network Compatibility:

    • Compatible Networks: T-Mobile & providers using T-Mobile Networks

    • Non-Compatible Networks: AT&T, Verizon, TracFone, and Sprint

    • Additional networks may be compatible or non-compatible. We will update this section as we obtain more information.


    • An alarm system capable of dialing a phone number. You must be able to program the phone number(s) in your  alarm system's programming.

    • You cannot program phone numbers or record a message directly into the GSM Dialer.

    • A Compatible SIM Card (Purchased Separately) - We recommend T-Mobile


    • Working Frequency: GSM 850mhz/1900mhz (USA) /or 900mhz/1800mhz (International)

    • Voltage: 5v-12v Power (DC)

    • Battery: None (Not Supported) -- You can connect this dialer to your alarm system's AUX(+) and AUX(-) and the cellular dialer will use your alarm's power supply and backup battery.

    This item comes with a limited 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects. If the GSM Dialer stops working within 90 days of purchase, please notify us. We will provide an RMA to return the product to us. Once we confirm the device has a manufacturer defect, we will replace the item for you. We ask that you cover the return shipping to us (First Class Mail is about $3.50), but we will cover the costs to have a new unit shipped to you.

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