Immobilizer Bypass

We offer Immobilizer Bypass units for most vehicles that have a PATS (Chip in the key) at This kit utilizes a spare key (or just the plastic handle part of the key) which is locked in a box and secured in the dashboard of the vehicle. We also have a limited number of Passlock Immobilizers.

If you do not want to purchase an Immobilizer Bypass kit, you will find common methods to accomplish the same thing by using relays.

  PATS Immobilizer Bypass

  Ford PATS Immobilizer Bypass

  GM VATS Immobilizer Bypass

  GM Passlock I Immobilizer

  GM Passlock II Immobilizer

  BMW Factory Alarm Wire

More Relay Diagrams

  Most Common Relay Diagrams

  Door & Window Relay Diagrams

  Miscellaneous Relay Diagrams

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