Smoke Detectors 24Hrs

Set Smoke Detectors as Emergency Type (24-Hours)

Our smoke detectors come set in a 24-hour alarming mode, where the smoke detectors will sound the alarm regardless if it's armed or disarmed.  However, if the pin selectors were previously changed and you would like to set them back to the default mode, these instructions explain how to set it back to the 24-hour alarming mode.

Pins 1 through 8: These pins need to be the same on all the smoke detectors.
Pins 9 through 12: These pins need to be set to 2122.  Open the attached PDF to view a picture of these instructions.

Program one of the smoke detectors into Zone 1 and all your remaining smoke detectors will be programmed automatically.  Remember to test all the smoke detectors after these changes have been made.

Attached files

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