Wireless Security System w/ Phone Line Dialer

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This alarm system has all the core settings that are expected of an alarm system plus a handful of customizable features. Keep things simple with the default settings or program the system to your liking.

When an emergency occurs, the security system will call up to 6 personal phone numbers and play a prerecorded 10-second message using your landline or VOIP phone line.

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  • Reference #ST-V /PTS

Functions & features:

  1. With PSTN and GSM alarm, support CID protocol, Air / Disarm, Remote arm / Disarm, check status by SMS. Telephone line and GSM priority switchable.
  2. With voice indication all around the operation.
  3. LCD screen indication.
  4. Total 32 wireless zones: each zone enable learn code automatically or enter code manually on the keypad. The panel compatible with all our made wireless device.
  5. Total 8 wired zone, connect resistor on wired zone terminal to achieve N.O. or N.C. alarm.
  6. Enable enroll total 8 wireless remote, 8 electronic switch, 1 wireless doorbell and unlimited for quantity of one way wireless siren.
  7. Zone programmable: Before products left factory, will program  alarm type and delay or instant for each zone as factory default. User can modify the settings.
  8. Enroll wireless device: wireless detector and remote via auto enroll code or enter address code manually. User enable enroll / delete detector, remote separately or delete all simultaneously.
  9. Six follow me phone number (voice alarm receiving phone number), two for CMS, four for private alarm receiving.
  10. Clock and event list: built-in clock, can be set according to local time.
  11. Status inspection function: Enable record and inquiry 120 alarm event messages, Like the time when happens anti-tamper alarm, detector alarm, tel-line off, arm, disarm, system setting, battery low voltage etc. And also can inquiry the zone number and alarm type.
  12. Password operation: Administrator password mainly for system administrator to program the system. User password for user make common operation, like arm, disarm system, remote control. Both administrator password and user password and user password can be modified.
  13. In Central Monitoring System according to quantity of users, user can set 4, 6 or 8 digit user code.
  14. Alarm type auto identify: after alarm triggered, on the LCD screen will display alarm zone number, alarm type and alarm icon. When connect to CMS, panel will report details of alarm to CMS.
  15. Compatible with CMS machine: support Contact ID. Report alarm to CMS. Report arm / disarm to CMS optional.
  16. Remote control: Enabel via telephone to achieve remote control system like: arm, disarm listen to the spot, trigger siren, switch on / off electronic appliance etc.
  17. Vandal-proof function: If try to cut off the wire between wired detector and panel or cut off the tel-line which connect to the panel will make alarm.
  18. Anti-tamper function: when someone try to remove panel deliberately panel will make alarm immediately.
  19. Timing arm / disarm: Enable set 4 group time arm / disarm time.
  20. Timing testing: At preset time, panel will send signal to CMS to test the panel on-line status.
  21. Siren: The panel with built-in siren, it can also enroll extension wireless siren. Both can be settled on / off when alarming.
  22. Follow-me number: The pane dials preset follow-me number to report alarm message.
  23. Voice indication volume enable adjust on the switch.
  24. Electronic appliance control: Enable remote inquiry and control the on / off status of electronic appliance. And also enable to switch on / off manually electronic appliance.
  25. Wired / wireless zone real time monitoring: active the real time monitoring function, then if zone with trouble when doing arm / disarm operation the panel will indicate zone fault.
  26. Wireless signal repeat function: via our made wireless repeater panel enable to receive signal from wireless detector from a long distance.
  27. Wireless detector low battery real time warning: if wireless detector low battery, it will send signal to panel every one or two hour or when alarm happens, panel will sound beep beep, and on the LCD screen, low battery icon and zone number will display. And panel will also report to the CMS.
  28. Tel-line off and wireless transfer function: panel make alarm or under arm status, but find out that tel-line off, panel will send signal to preset neighbor panel, and the neighbor panel report alarm instead.
  29. Enable the panel siren by pressing the emergency key on the panel or the remote.
  30. To set built-in siren enable or disable when press panic button on remote or panel keypad, please refer to adaptor 5.8.
  31. Require user password before enter remote control.
  32. GSM alarm function: GSM alarm report to user and alarm report to CMS in CID.
  • Alarm Compatibility
  • Options
    • Power Adapter
      Auto-Select - Include the power adapter that is best suited for my country., -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, US - United States Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, 2-Flat-Pins, EU - European Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 2-Round-Pins), UK - United Kingdom Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 3-Square-Pins), AU - Australia Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 2-Slanted-Flat-Pins)
    • Pre-Program
      -No Selection-, No Thanks - I will program my own alarm system., Save me the time & pre-program my alarm system. I will only need to mount my sensors.
    • Professional Monitoring
      -No Selection-, Sign Me Up! - I would like professional monitoring. Please contact me with more information., No Thanks - I will monitor my own alarm., I'm Not Sure - Please contact me so I can decide what I want to do.
    • Insurance Certificate
      -No Selection-, No Thanks - I don't need an Insurance Certificate., Yes Please - Add an Insurance Certificate so I can save up to 20% off my homeowners insurance.
  • Internet Options
    • Internet (IP) Connection
    • Internet App
    • Smart Home Hubs
  • Cellular Options
    • Cellular (GSM)
      None (External GSM Can be Added)
    • Smart Phone App
    • Text Message Alerts
  • Telephone Line Options
    • Phone Line (PTSN)
      Landline, VOIP, Digital, POTS, & Analog
  • Voice Call Options
    • Phone Numbers
      6 Self-Monitoring & 2 Pro-Monitoring
    • Voice Notificaton
      Reports Zone Number, Zone Type, & Plays Recorded Message
    • Voice Prompted Control
    • Alarm Control
      Away, Stay, Disarm, Reset
    • Armed Status Check
    • Listen-In Mode
      1-Way Listen-In
    • PGM Output Toggle
  • Core Features
    • Codes
      1x Installer, 1x User
    • Wireless Zones
    • Wired Zones
    • Remote or Keypad Zones
    • RFID Tags
      Not Supported
    • Light Switch Zones
    • Professional Monitoring
      Yes, Contact ID or Caller ID Reporting
  • Additional Features
    • Ready-to-Arm
      Scrolls All Open Zones
    • Door Chime
      Sounds "Beep-Beep-Beep"
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