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What is Alarm Monitoring?


Upon receiving an alarm signal from your home or business, central monitoring dispatchers will immediately call the location to verify whether you set your alarm off accidentally. Whoever answers the phone is required to give a passcode (secret password) that is stored securely in your monitoring account.  If the central station does not receive an answer or if an answering machine picks up, the central station will call up to three more phone numbers in attempt to contact you or an authorized member of the premises.


If there is still no answer or if an incorrect passcode is provided, the central station will immediately dispatch your nearest local authorities and/or contact your approved call list. The call list, and the order that the phone numbers are called, can be customized for burglar, fire, medical, panic, holdup, duress, and trouble notifications.



How are the Signals Sent?

Your security system is designed to plug into a standard phone jack installed at your premises on one of your regular telephone lines (POTS).  When activated, your security system will dial the central station's phone number.  It will transmit your alarm's account number and provide the signal associated with the alarm activation using a protocol called Contact ID.  Some alarm systems may use Caller ID to create an alarm activation rather than sending a Contact ID signal.



Why is the Service So Cheap?

Unlike other monitoring companies that charge upwards of $30 to $40 a month, our affiliated central monitoring station is geared for do-it-yourselfers who are adept at maintaining the hardware and software of the system.  So if a part needs to be replaced, or if a battery in the panel or wireless sensor goes bad, you'll be able to fix it yourself (no trucks or technicians required).


Since we don't have trucks and technicians to pay, we are able to lower the cost of monitoring tremendously, passing the savings on to you.  When you sign up for alarm monitoring, one of our trained technicians will call you.  We will have you program the central station phone number and account number into your alarm system.  This is same thing an alarm installer would do to connect your system to professional monitoring.


We have also been able to keep our prices low with automatic and paperless billing.  We even offer annual billing for those who want to save even more money.  No credit checks are required, and apart from a one-time set-up fee, there are no hidden costs.



Are any Commitments or Contracts Required?

No commitments are required and you can cancel service at anytime.  If you paid in advance or paid annually, we will refund you any unused months of paid service.  We believe in keeping our customers happy by providing good quality products and good customer service, not with lengthy commitment contracts.


Yes, to obtain monitoring service, must read, agree, and sign our terms and conditions.  In lieu of returning a hard copy, you submit your digital signature while signing up for service.  You will not be able to complete your sign-up unless you agree to these terms and conditions.  At our option, we may require you to sign and return a hard copy of the terms and conditions.  The "terms and conditions" limit our liability and outlines the services we provide to you.


What if I Want to Test My Alarm System?

Simply call the central monitoring station and request that they put your system on a "test" mode.  You can activate the system and test any feature your system supports.  The central monitoring station representatives will be happy to inform you of the signals they receive and where they came from inside your home or business.


What If I Accidentally Set Off My Alarm System?

If you ever accidentally set off your security system, don’t worry.  The central monitoring station representatives will call you immediately upon receiving the signal.  When you answer the phone they will identify themselves and ask you to do the same.  They will ask you for your passcode (secret password) to verify your identity.  If you provide the correct passcode, they will cancel the alarm dispatch and they will not dispatching the police, fire department, or medical personnel.


What if I am Currently Under a Monitoring Contract?

If you have an existing monitoring agreement with another provider, you have to wait until it expires.  Most providers require advanced notice before you can cancel.  Also, it is common practice in the industry to use “automatic roll-over agreements.”  So watch your expiration date closely.  Once you are free from your obligation, give us a call.  We want an opportunity to earn your business.

We recommend that you send a certified letter to your provider immediately.  Inform them that you want to continue your service on a month-to-month basis once the term of your agreement is completed.  Send this letter now.  It will protect you from automatic rollover agreements.



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