Wireless Security System w/ Opt. Internet & 4G LTE Cellular

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This all-in-one alarm system can be used with T-Mobile or AT&T cellular service, as well as connect to our optional premium internet cloud service.  Our cloud service is as-low-as $2.69/mo. which allows the alarm to ring your smart phone through the internet, send a push notification, and send you text messages.

Our cloud service also supports a fully functional smart phone app which can be used to control your alarm or make programming changes from anywhere.

  • $244.95
  • Ebay/Amazon Price: $254.95, You save $10.00
  • $244.95
  • Ebay/Amazon Price: $254.95, You save $10.00
  • $244.95
  • Ebay/Amazon Price: $254.95, You save $10.00
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    This is our STS-417 Keypad. It does not include any sensors.

    Premium Internet Cloud Service


    > Smart Phone & Tablet App (Access from anywhere!)
         *Android & Apple
    > Text Message & Email Alerts
         *Compatible with smart phones & regular cellular phones
    > Make your phone ring through the Internet
         * May require free 3rd party app


    As-Low-As $2.69/mo.  Click Here to Signup for Service


    Free Internet Alarm App


    > Use the smart phone app while in your home

         * Only works when you smart phone is connected to your home network


    Free Cellular Alarm App


    > Control your alarm from anywhere
        * Requires AT&T or T-Mobile Service (T-Mobile Prepaid service is only $3/month)



    Smart Phone App


    Control the alarm for free while your phone is connected top your home network.  OR

    Control the alarm from anywhere for as-low-as $2.69/mo.  Click Here to Signup for Service




    Web Portal

    • Alarm Compatibility
    • Alarm Package
      1 Primary Keypad & 1 Secondary Keypad [+$15], 1 Primary Keypad, No Secondary Keypad [-$15]
    • Options
      • Power Adapter
        Auto-Select - Include the power adapter that is best suited for my country., -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, US - United States Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, 2-Flat-Pins, EU - European Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 2-Round-Pins), UK - United Kingdom Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 3-Square-Pins), AU - Australia Power Adapter: 50/60hz, 110-240v, (or Pin Converter to 2-Slanted-Flat-Pins)
      • Wireless WIFI Option
        None, I will use the built-in wired ethernet port, Yes, Add the WIFI adapter so my alarm can connect to my wireless internet
      • Cloud Service
        -No Selection-, Sign Me Up! - I will be subscribing to the internet cloud service at www.alarm-text.com, No Thanks - I will not be using any of the internet cloud services., I'm Not Sure - Please contact me so I can decide what to do.
      • Pre-Program
        -No Selection-, No Thanks - I will program my own alarm system., Save me the time & pre-program my alarm system. I will only need to mount my sensors.
      • Professional Monitoring
        -No Selection-, Sign Me Up! - I would like professional monitoring. Please contact me with more information., No Thanks - I will monitor my own alarm., I'm Not Sure - Please contact me so I can decide what I want to do.
      • Insurance Certificate
        -No Selection-, No Thanks - I don't need an Insurance Certificate., Yes Please - Add an Insurance Certificate so I can save up to 20% off my homeowners insurance.
    • Internet Options
      • Internet (IP) Connection
        Wired Ethernet, (WIFI Can Be Added)
      • Internet App
        Yes, Requires Paid Cloud Service Subscription
      • Smart Home Hubs
      • Alarm Control
        Away, Stay, Disarm, Bypass, Reset
      • Armed Status Check
      • Zone Status Check
        Opened, Closed, Bypassed, Alarming
      • App Push Notifications
      • Email-to-Text Alerts
      • View Event Log
        512 Events
      • Light Switch Control
      • Remote Programming
        Yes, Advanced -- Modify Alarm Settings, Phone Numbers, Alarm Notifications, Email-to-Text, Learn Remotes & Sensors, Set Zone Names, & More!
    • Cellular Options
      • Cellular (GSM)
        Yes, Built-In GSM (T-Mobile Only)
      • Smart Phone App
        Android & iPhone
      • Alarm Control
        Away, Stay, Disarm, Reset
      • Dis/Armed Status Check
      • Light Switch Control
      • PGM Output Toggle
      • Text Message Alerts
        Yes, by Cellular
      • Control by Text
        Yes, by Cellular
    • Telephone Line Options
      • Phone Line (PTSN)
    • Voice Call Options
      • Phone Numbers
        4 Self-Monitoring & 2 Pro-Monitoring
      • Voice Notificaton
        Reports Zone Number, Zone Type, & Plays Recorded Message
      • Voice Prompted Control
      • Alarm Control
        Away, Stay, Disarm, Reset
      • Armed Status Check
      • Listen-In Mode
        2-Way Voice (Talk & Listen-In)
      • PGM Output Toggle
    • Core Features
      • Codes
        1x Installer, 1x Master, 15x User
      • Wireless Zones
      • Wired Zones
      • Remote or Keypad Zones
      • RFID Tags
        Not Supported
      • Light Switch Zones
      • Professional Monitoring
        Yes, Contact ID or Caller ID Reporting
    • Additional Features
      • Ready-to-Arm
        Scrolls All Open Zones
      • Door Chime
        Sounds "Beep-Beep" & "Ding-Dong" or Speaks "Door Open"
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